Understand Your Risk Factors

Be prepared to speak with your doctor by writing your questions down and bringing them with you to your appointment.  Use the list below as a guide.

  • What is my overall risk for heart disease?
  • What lifestyle changes can I start making to improve my heart health?
  • What tests should I have to monitor my risk factors for developing heart disease or other cardiovascular diseases? How often do I need these screenings?
  • What are my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels? What do these test results mean?
  • How much exercise do I need to help protect my heart?
  • Should I take aspirin to help prevent a heart attack? If so, how much and how often?
  • Am I at high risk for heart-related complications if I take birth control pills?
  • I’ve heard the warning signs of a heart attack can be different in women. What should I look for?