WomenHeart Champions

WomenHeart Champion graduating class at the Science and Leadership Symposium, Mayo Clinic

WomenHeart Champions are the “boots on the ground” in the fight against heart disease. They are women with heart disease who have been trained to share their stories and important messages about heart health to empower women to take charge of their heart health.

Since 2002, WomenHeart has trained more than 900 WomenHeart Champions to tell their stories, share vital heart health information, and save the lives of women across the country. WomenHeart Champions are also leading more than 100 WomenHeart Support Networks in 37 states for female heart patients nationwide. These are the only peer-led support networks for women living with heart disease in the country!

WomenHeart Champions often partner with local organizations such as hospitals, worksites, places of worship, and other local organizations to distribute educational materials, give presentations, conduct special events, or encourage the media to cover heart health stories. Champions can also participate in Sister Match, which connects newly diagnosed women with volunteers who provide peer support via phone, e-mail or in-person; and in HeartScarves, in which handmade red scarves and heart health information are delivered to women who have suffered a heart event and/or are hospitalized after a heart procedure.

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