Request a WomenHeart Champion

Request a WomenHeart Champion to Speak at Your Event

The uniqueness of WomenHeart stems from our WomenHeart Champions – all of them survivors of heart disease. Together and individually, they are the face of heart disease – the individuals most qualified to share their experiences with others and support other women as they struggle to live with a chronic disease. Each woman has a compelling story of the road to diagnosis and their day-to-day struggles to maintain their heart health and their lives, from navigating the daunting healthcare system to maintaining a prescription drug regime.

All WomenHeart Champions have completed training at WomenHeart’s annual Science & Leadership Symposium held in collaboration with Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Armed with knowledge and confidence, these women take to their communities ready to tell their stories, spread awareness of the importance of heart health, and promote the educational, support and advocacy programs available through WomenHeart.


WomenHeart Champions are available to speak on behalf of WomenHeart free of charge at special events, conferences and conventions, health fairs, and/or to organizations and faith-based groups. Should travel be required, we request that you cover travel expenses.


If you are interested in having a WomenHeart Champion speak at your event, please email


Please submit requests at least 4 weeks in advance. Fulfillment of requests is dependent upon availability of WomenHeart Champions.