Tips for Managing Prescription Medication

Keeping up with your prescription medicines can be a challenge. Follow these tips to make sure you stay on top of your prescription medicine regimen:

  • Keep a list of all your prescription medicines and their daily dosage.
  • Give a copy of the list to each doctor you visit.
  • Give added copies of the list to your family members.
  • Don’t take more or less of the medicines than your doctor prescribes.
  • Don’t skip a dose or take less frequently the medicines as prescribed.
  • Don’t stop taking the medicines too soon or when you begin to feel better.
  • Take all your prescription medicines in daylight if possible to avoid mix-ups.
  • Be careful to store your medications in a temperature-controlled environment that is not too humid (a bathroom cabinet is actually not the best place to store medicines, as bathrooms can become hot and steamy); ask your pharmacist if any of your prescriptions can or should be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Wear your reading glasses when reading a prescription medicine container label. Also, ask the pharmacist for a large-type prescription medicine information sheet when filling your prescription.
  • Hide all your prescription medicines out of sight and in a safe place when the grandchildren come to visit or when any strangers will be in your home — to perform repairs or for a social event. (It’s amazing how often prescription medicines are stolen).
  • Schedule a yearly comprehensive medicine check-up with your doctor or healthcare professional to discuss: whether to continue each over-the-counter medicine, vitamin, herbal remedy, and prescription medicine; possible duplicate medicines; potential harmful interactions; and any changes in dosages.