Thank you to everyone who gave heart in 2018!

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Last year, WomenHeart highlighted powerful stories of women who are staying #heartstrong, sharing their scars, and inspiring others to lead the fight against heart disease.

Your donation helps us continue to support, educate, and advocate for the 48 million American women living with or at risk of heart disease. Donations of $50 or more receive a Signature WomenHeart 2019 Calendar in appreciation.

Thank you to everyone who got involved this Giving Tuesday on November 27 and Gave Heart.


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An unwavering mother’s love, a fearless adventurer, a daughter’s legacy. Hear the stories of these survivors and more, then join us in protecting their hearts and those of the millions living with or at risk of heart disease.

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About the Photographer:

“Immediately after I had my third child, my doctor discovered that I had postpartum preeclampsia. After monitoring my blood pressure for a while, they also discovered a heart murmur. Despite knowing my family’s history of heart disease, I was shocked to discover that I might have a heart problem at the age of 39. The thought of not being able to see my three young kids grow up and be there for them as they mature made me panic.

That was when I met Danielle, a heart disease survivor. We wanted to promote heart health in women, so we came up with the #HeartStrong campaign – a photo shoot to tell the stories of women heart disease survivors of all ages, races, and heart journeys. We then teamed up with WomenHeart to amplify our message all across the country.

This campaign is meant to show that heart disease does not discriminate. In spite of setbacks or diagnoses, at any age, any stage in life, all women can live heart-healthy, vibrant lives. Every woman is #HeartStrong.”

-Candy Hoehn, #HeartStrong Photographer

SugaShoc Photographer Owner and Founder