Champion Spotlight: A Salute to Service

As we reflect on the month of November, we’d be remiss not to mention Veterans Day and the extraordinary work our armed service members do to keep us safe each day. Thank you so much for your service.

New WomenHeart Champion Jeanine Moss was once part of that group of brave men and women who defend our country. Now, she’s part of another exceptional group of nearly 900 women who look to protect women’s hearts—by raising heart health awareness. As an active duty soldier in the U.S. Army, Jeanine was forced to retire after being diagnosed with coronary microvascular disease (MVD) last year. It is a stark reminder that heart disease can affect anyone, including women in the armed forces. “Military women are not as aggressive about their health,” says Moss. “When I first started experiencing symptoms, the army told me I was suffering from anxiety.”

After being hospitalized due to an abnormal stress test, Jeanine found cardiologist and WomenHeart Scientific Advisory Council member Annabelle Volgman, M.D., and received a proper diagnosis. She also found a unique support system. “Dr. Volgman introduced me to WomenHeart and told me I would make a good candidate for WomenHeart Champion, Moss added. “She knew how much it meant to me.” Although Jeanine is no longer part of the military, she feels empowered by the new mission she has as a WomenHeart Champion and wants other women to know the importance of heart health, especially minorities.

We have to continue to advocate for women of color and provide outreach to those in low-income communities.

Like a true soldier, Jeanine has both good and bad days with regard to her health. But she continues to stay positive and believes that each day is a blessing. And, she’s eager to begin advocating for women in her home community of Indiana.

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