Champion Spotlight: Giving Matters

When you donate to an organization like WomenHeart, you help us support, educate, and advocate on behalf of the 48 million women living with or at risk of heart disease. WomenHeart Champion Joe Burgett is an extraordinary woman who work tirelessly for WomenHeart.

Joe, WomenHeart Champion and native of Mich., has been in lockstep with WomenHeart almost since the beginning. She became a WomenHeart Champion in 2003 and has played a key role in raising money for the organization. Last February, she made a significant impact by arranging a fundraising event to celebrate Heart Month (Rockin’ the Red) and draw attention to the work WomenHeart does. She helped secure a number of donations through careful planning of the event—including heart healthy food—and generated local news coverage. “Rockin the Red was pretty cool,” says Burgett. “There are so many ways Champions can go and get the word out. It’s crucial.” And, Joe is superb at doing just that.

As a district leader, she also oversees support network meetings in her community that provide support for women who may be living with heart disease and education for those who simply want to learn more. She encourages attendees to tell people they know about the organization which often leads to donations, “A lot of people are afraid to ask for money,” added Burgett. “But it’s very important. We need to be able to continue to tell the stories of women living heart disease.” One of those stories is Joe’s—she flatlined three times during a heart catheterization in 2002. Today, Joe feels good and remains passionate about women’s heart health. She continues to provide WomenHeart with excellent fundraising suggestions and new ways to spread heart health awareness.

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