Yesenia is HeartStrong, Are You?


#HEARTSTRONG - Yesenia's Story

WomenHeart Champion Yesenia had no idea she was having a heart attack the morning she told her boyfriend she was having trouble breathing…

Like many women, heart disease runs in Yesenia’s family. She lost her father to a heart attack, and although she practiced healthy habits, genetics plays a large role in your overall risk for developing heart disease.

Your donation helps to carry on Yesenia’s #HeartStrong mission to educate other women about family history and heart disease. You can help to prevent other young women from experiencing a life-threatening emergency like Yesenia by making a donation today.

Watch Yesenia’s full story, and don’t forget to make a donation this #GT. Share this story with others to show that at any age, any stage of life, you can be #HEARTSTRONG.

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