Corporations and Employees Give Back to WomenHeart

Workplace giving programs have been popular for years. WomenHeart is proud to work with employers who want to share our story and encourage their employees to contribute to our patient support, education and advocacy efforts.

Recently, Arbor Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, partnered with WomenHeart to host an employee peer-to-peer fundraising campaign called Arbor Supports WomenHeart. This was in line with the company’s strategy of supporting organizations that help people living with various diseases.

Coupled with its employee engagement program and their annual Arbor Heart Walk, Arbor set a goal for their over 29 teams in retail, sales, marketing and administration to raise $10,000 to support WomenHeart.

Using WomenHeart’s innovative peer-to-peer fundraising model, Arbor employees not only reached their goal, but surpassed it. Arbor engaged employees throughout the month of June and recognized their progress, encouraging friendly competition among teams and making the campaign fun for all.

“On behalf of the employees, officers and directors at Arbor Pharmaceuticals, I am pleased that Arbor was successful in exceeding our corporate goal of raising $10,000 to support the WomenHeart organization. Arbor is committed to being a good corporate citizen by helping associations and foundations that support research and discovery of new medicines, particularly in areas where Arbor provides life-enhancing products”, says Ed Schutter, CEO.

WomenHeart greatly appreciates the efforts of Arbor and each employee to help us continue our mission to support, educate and advocate on behalf of the millions of American women living with or at risk of heart disease. To start your corporate or individual peer-to-peer fundraising support for WomenHeart, please contact us at

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