What’s Cooking? – July

Recipe originally posted on Eating Well. 

We’re making the most of all the fresh summer vegetables while we can. Late summer is an excellent time to take advantage of fresh tomatoes at the local farmers’ market or even from your own backyard, so why not try some homemade ketchup? 

Why it’s heart-healthy: 

Although reducing the amount of salt added at the dinner table after the meal is cooked is a good first step, a lot of the sodium we consume comes from processed foods: canned vegetables, soups, frozen dinners and even baked goods. High sodium consumption raises blood pressure, which isn’t good for the heart.

Cooking your own meals and condiments from scratch can help you control the amount of sodium added that’s best for your diet. This ketchup uses fresh tomatoes without all the extra additives, and is great to show off at your summer BBQ.

Check out this recipe for low sodium, heart healthy, garden fresh ketchup that would go great with some sweet potato fries or a nice veggie burger.

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