View from the Top: the CEO’s Vision for WomenHeart

Welcome to the WomenHeart Blog! As this is our first blog post, I thought it was fitting to share my ideas of where I want to lead this organization, now and in the future.

As the CEO of WomenHeart, I am proud to lead the nation’s premier organization dedicated to empowering and advocating for women who are living with or are at risk of heart disease. Heart disease, as you know, is the number one killer of women in the United States. And so many more women are living with heart disease, and need our support.

My vision for WomenHeart is to reach, support, and advocate for every woman in America as they take charge of their heart health.  One of my key priorities is for the organization to meet the needs of underserved and high-risk communities, including African-American, Hispanic, Native American women and women living in poverty.  We are also partnering with the Veterans Administration Hospital system through our National Hospital Alliance to engage thousands of women veterans who have served our nation.

WomenHeart’s role in influencing scientific research and the public policy agenda on women’s heart health is expanding. As a direct result of our efforts, more women are being enrolled in cardiovascular research and clinical trials. You’ll see us in Congress, advocating for legislation and policy that will impact women and their heart health. Later this year, we will convene the first National Policy & Science Summit on Women’s Cardiovascular Health.

These are some of the many important projects and initiatives we have taken on.  I invite you to support WomenHeart in its work to help women living with heart disease. Being informed about the issues and work ahead is a step in that direction.  I hope you’ll subscribe to this blog to receive regular updates and insights from WomenHeart’s leaders.

Thanks for reading.

Mary McGowan

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