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TIME’S UP in Hollywood, now Healthcare


Founders of TIME’S UP Healthcare say they were inspired by the efforts of the TIME’S UP movement, launched by women in the entertainment industry, aimed at safety, fairness, and dignity for women in the workplace. The mission of TIME’S UP Healthcare is to unify national efforts to bring equity, inclusion and safety to the healthcare industry.

TIME’S UP Healthcare is made up of women of all kinds from diverse backgrounds and specialties ranging from emergency medicine to psychiatry. One of WomenHeart’s Scientific Advisory Council members, Sharonne N. Hayes, M.D. from Mayo Clinic is a founding member of the organization and says she is proud to get this effort off the ground.

“We believe that when healthcare providers feel safe, valued, and respected, they will be able to provide better care to patients. This is especially important for women heart patients who already face a high rate of misdiagnosis and access to care,” said Hayes.

Since TIME’S UP launched a year ago, women from across industries have come together to address inequality and injustice in the workplace. TIME’S UP Healthcare is adding its voice to that effort and calling for systemic change in the workplace culture in healthcare.

“We are so inspired by this group of women across the healthcare industry who have mobilized and organized this initiative, while saving lives in their day jobs. These women have the expertise, experience and power to create change and we are proud to have them officially join our expanding TIME’S UP network,” said Rebecca Goldman, interim CEO of TIME’S UP. “

Some of the goals of TIME’S UP Healthcare include:

  • Unite healthcare workers across fields.
  • Improve care for targets of harassment and inequity.
  • Raise awareness and knowledge.
  • Advance research on harassment and inequity.


To learn more about TIME’S UP Healthcare, please visit www.timesuphealthcare.org.

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