November 2018 - Joining Forces for PAD | WomenHeart

November 2018 – Joining Forces for PAD

Amy’s Advocacy Update

Earlier this month, WomenHeart hosted a convening on women and Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). We brought together health care providers and advocates to discuss effective ways of raising awareness among women at risk for PAD and of supporting providers who diagnose and treat women living with PAD.

WomenHeart Champion Pam Parker shared her personal experience of having PAD, offering valuable insights for all key stakeholders in the room. WomenHeart shared the findings of our qualitative research on women’s experiences being diagnosed, treated for and living with PAD.

Participants were energized as they discussed ways for health care providers and community leaders to empower women with information about how to seek care and treatment for PAD so they stop experiencing leg pain, the most common PAD symptom. They talked about expanding access to screening and ensuring that all types of health care providers, including primary care, are well-versed in recognizing and treating PAD.

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