Judge Rules ACA Unconstitutional

Months after several states challenged the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, in court on December 14, 2018, the district court judge in Texas vs. United Statesruled that the entire ACA was unconstitutional. If allowed to stand, the ruling would eliminate critical protections for women with heart disease and others with pre-existing conditions who need adequate, accessible and affordable health care, as well as disrupt countless aspects our current health care system.

WomenHeart joined dozens of patient groups to express deep concern with the ruling, which is expected to be appealed. The government has made it clear that the ACA remains in place for the time being. Individuals who purchased health care for 2019 from the ACA marketplace will remain covered, as will millions who have coverage through Medicaid expansion.

The ACA has been instrumental in increasing the number of women living with heart disease who have health insurance. In addition to banning health insurance providers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, under the ACA, women cannot be denied coverage, charged higher prices, or offered inadequate plans simply because they are women. Learn more about how the ACA has benefited women living with and at risk of heart disease by reading our fact sheet.

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