How We Fight

With WomenHeart, No Woman Fights Heart Failure Alone

We can all be empowered to be
our own greatest advocates

Meet 20 WomenHeart Champions answering the most-asked
Heart Failure questions as they work to fight the stigma surrounding
Heart Failure.

Women wear many hats – as mothers, grandmothers, wives,
aunts, daughters and caregivers – we tend to put others’ needs
above our own, and often dismiss our symptoms or blame
ourselves for our diagnosis. As women with Heart Failure, we
often face delays in getting diagnosed and seeking care. But
there is no shame in a Heart Failure diagnosis. And with
WomenHeart, no woman faces that diagnosis alone.

Watch the videos and join the conversation.
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How do I tell my family about my heart failure diagnosis?

How do I know if I have heart failure?

How can I manage heart failure as a mom/caregiver?

How do I know if my heart failure symptoms are worsening?

How do I stay stress free after my heart failure diagnosis?

What does congestive heart failure mean?

If I’m hospitalized for heart failure, what does that mean?          ‍           ‌

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