Your Heart Journey

Heart-healthy resources for a heart-healthy life

WomenHeart is the first and only patient-centered organization supporting women with or at risk of heart disease.

Here, you will find the resources you need to care for your life, whether you’re newly diagnosed or looking for tips to stay heart-healthy.



Heart disease prevention is everything you do to avoid a heart condition. It begins by leading a heart-healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity, a balanced diet, and knowing your history and your body.



One of the main barriers women experience when it comes to heart disease is getting the right diagnosis. Learning all about the symptoms of heart disease in women.


Facing a heart disease diagnosis can be intimidating. And it is true that heart disease requires lifelong management. But it doesn’t have to be scary. A few simple lifestyle changes can set you up for success.


The Mental Health and Heart Disease Connection.
A heart disease diagnosis is life-altering. After an episode, you may feel differently about yourself and your body, your loved ones, and life in general.