#DefendPreEx: Why Heart Health Matters

Everyone needs health insurance, but never is that more real than after being diagnosed with a heart condition. The Affordable Care Act was instrumental in expanding access to health insurance for those who previously couldn’t afford it or who couldn’t qualify for any plans because they had a pre-existing condition.

Unfortunately, the protections that are now in place for those with pre-existing conditions continue to be under threat. New regulations and new laws have threatened the stability of the health insurance marketplace and weakened protections and guaranteed access to care.

WomenHeart is working alongside a number of patient-focused organizations, fighting to defend the protections that are in place for people with pre-existing conditions, and for women with heart disease.

We ask you join us on social media to #DefendPreEx. And please stay tuned for news from WomenHeart on how to engage lawmakers with your story and advocate for women with heart disease. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest.

Follow #DefendPreEx on Twitter for weekly updates on how policy changes affect you as a patient, and for specific ways you can get involved to protect yourself.

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