COVID-19 and Heart Disease

The pandemic of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted all aspects of our lives. WomenHeart is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of women living with or at risk of heart diseasewho are particularly vulnerable during this public health crisis. We have resources on COVID-19 and heart disease and offer virtual support services to help women navigate these challenging times. 

Women living with or at risk of heart disease should take steps to manage their condition and stay safe and should be in contact with their health care provider to talk about the best ways to do that. If you are feeling signs or symptoms of a heart attack or severe symptoms of COVID-19, call 911 and seek emergency medical care as soon as possible.

Learn about WomenHeart’s response to the global pandemic from WomenHeart’s CEO Celina Gorre and our efforts to advocate for women with heart disease in COVID-19 federal relief policies. These include a call to action – ask Congress to expand paid leave for women with heart disease and others with chronic health conditions that put them at greater risk of serious illness from COVID-19. Hear directly from WomenHeart Champions – women heart patient volunteers – about their experiences of living during the COVID-19 crisis in our Heart Stories blogs.

WomenHeart Resources

Guidance for Keeping Safe and Healthy

Tips and advice for everyday living, managing health and stress, when to seek medical care and taking medications.



Informative webinars and videos from medical experts and Champions sharing what you need to know about COVID-19.


WomenHeart Goes Virtual

While all in-person events with Champions are cancelled for the time being, there are many ways to connect with WomenHeart and get support from home.