Cholesterol Awareness

Cholesterol Awareness

Cholesterol impacts heart health. Cholesterol levels that are too high can lead to increased risk of heart disease — but there are ways to manage cholesterol and reduce risk.

Download this infographic (also available in Spanish) and watch this Facebook Live to learn more about cholesterol and heart health. In addition, this resource explains the role of triglycerides in heart health (also available in Spanish). Clinicians and pharmacists use it to explain the importance of understanding triglyceride levels in reducing heart disease risk factors to their patients.”

It is important that women talk to their health care provider about how to manage their heart health and cholesterol. Download this tool to improve patient-doctor communication:

PSA “I Pay Attention Now” :60 (English)

PSA “I Pay Attention Now” :30 (Spanish)

PSA “I Pay Attention Now” :60 (English/Audio Only)