Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, will you Give Heart?


#HEARTSTRONG - Ingrid's Story

It took six defibrillator shocks to her heart to put Ingrid in the driver’s seat of heart health. We’ve learned with Pam, Danielle, and Yesenia that warning signs of heart disease can often go unnoticed if we aren’t aware. What if you have all the tools you need but don’t understand how important it is to take action?

Ingrid’s work as a #HEARTSTRONG survivor empowers women to manage what’s in their control in order to take better care of their heart.

Encourage your friends and family to donate TOMORROW in their first step to becoming #HEARTSTRONG with Ingrid. Your donation provides resources to millions of women to help erase heart disease for good.

Learn more about our #HEARTSTRONG campaign and the women behind it.

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