Our Purpose

In today’s world, evidence-based education and partnerships are key to equipping women to manage their heart disease and heart disease risk. Through Understanding Her Heart, WomenHeart Champions will reach women in their communities to provide educational resources and connect them with a local network of partners to support their health journey as they navigate living in ever-changing environmental and climate systems. 

Raising Awareness

Improving access to important information about heart disease in women and the factors that might affect a woman’s risk, including climate and pollution.

Establishing Partnerships

Strengthening ties in the community is essential to reaching women who would benefit most from heart health education.

Convening Stakeholders

Bringing together community leaders to address the importance of women’s heart health and the effects of climate and pollution to help create local change.

Bringing Change to Local Communities

We are currently implementing Understanding Her Heart in three priority communities with a high risk of cardiovascular disease: Miami, Houston, and Nashville. Learn more about the communities selected here.

These communities will benefit from:  

Outreach to High-Risk Populations

Engaging with local women and community leaders to share educational resources and bring greater awareness about heart disease risk.

Educational Convenings

Offer local educational events that highlight the importance of prioritizing heart health while recognizing the impact that climate and pollution can have on one’s health.

Community Activation

Creating and distributing evidence-informed heart health resources tailored to each community’s needs.

Get Involved

Your involvement can make a significant impact. Whether you’re passionate about women’s heart health, interested in participating in an educational convening, or looking to receive heart health resources, we want to hear from you.

Participating in an Educational Convening

Attend to gain more knowledge surrounding women’s heart health, make community connections, and/or represent your organization

Access Resources

Receive valuable heart health information and tools to support your journey towards better heart health.

Join the Movement

Become part of a community dedicated to improving women’s health and advocate for changes that can better support women in their journey toward better heart health.

Resources for Your Heart Health

Learn About Your Risk

Bayer Aspirin Heart Risk Assessment, an online tool that quickly assesses an individual’s risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) over the next 10 years.


African American Women: What You NEED to Know


Inequities in Health Outcomes for Women of Color


Women and Heart Disease

Live Event

Her Heart, Her History Celebration with Dr. Rachel Bond

Let’s come together to build healthier futures for the women in our communities. Join us on this important mission to protect and empower women’s hearts.