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WomenHeart in the News
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August 2017

August 30 - Baptist Health South Florida 

Women and Heart Disease: Awareness Saves Lives


July 2017

July 31 - The Coastal Star

Health & Harmony: Women join forces to mend hearts and support others with cardiac problems

July 12 -

 I was Fit, Ate Healthy, and Still Had a Stroke at 41. Here's What I Wish I Had Known

July 5 - U.S. News & World Report

Life for Adults With Congenital Heart Disease


June 2017

June 26 - WUSA9

Women Push Against Senate's Health Care Bill 

June 1 - New Cardiovascular Horizons 
NCVH Philadelphia: Raising Awareness about Vascular Disease, Thromboembolism


May 2017

May 22 - Biz New Orleans 
Leading Cardiologists To Convene In New Orleans For Cardiovascular Horizons Conference

May 9, 2017 - Women's Health  
Do You Have A Pre-Existing Condition

May 7, 2017 - Cardiology Today 
Coalition for women with heart disease publishes health care policy recommendations

May 4 - Bisnow
WomenHeart Awards Dinner!

May 1 - Health Central 
Heart Failure Part 1: What Is Heart Failure?
Heart Failure Part 2: Who Is Most at Risk For Heart Failure?


April 2017

Dating Advice — April 6, 2017
WomenHeart: Compassionate Support for Female Survivors of Heart Disease & Their Loved Ones

Cardiovascular Business — April 26, 2017
WomenHeart awards honor work with those in at-risk communities


March 2017

March 30 --
She went a whole day not knowing she was having a heart attack. And she's not alone.

March 8 - Greenville Online 
Burlington to offer free health screenings

March 2 -- Marie Claire
On Having a Baby *and* a Heart Attack: Why Young Pregnant Women Are At Risk for This Life-Threatening Disease


 February 2017 

February 28 -- Real Health 
How Heart Disease Touched Kelly Rowland’s Life

February 21 -- Los Angeles Times 
So You Have Heart Failure: Now What? 7 Tips for Management

February 21 -- Asbury Park Press 
Heart disease: 'Mommy doesn't feel good. Call 9-1-1'

February 14 -- The Dr. Oz Show 
4 Tips for Stroke Prevention

February 14 - Parade 
Connie Britton Talks Activism and Oatmeal

February 13 -- WebMD 
What I Wish I Had Known Before Having a Heart Attack

February 10 -- CNN Health 
For decades, women had heart attacks in silence

February 5 -- Lifescript 
Cough Turned Out to Be Life-Threatening Disease

February 4 - WUSA CBS 9  
Matters of the Heart Luncheon and discussion

February 3 -- Tristate Update 
CAMC Works With WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

February 2 -- 
Kelly Rowland Wants You to #KnockOutHeartDisease

February 2 -- 
What It's Like to Have a Heart Attack in Your 20s or 30s

February 2 - WRC-TV NBC Washington 
Woman Who Suffered Cardiac Arrest Shares Story for Heart Health Month

February 2 --- Look to the Stars 
WomenHeart & Burlington Stores Team Up With Kelly Rowland To #KnockOutHeartDisease In Women

The Dr. Oz Show — February 1, 2017
Kelly Rowland’s Heart-Healthy Habits

Yahoo! News — February 1, 2017
WomenHeart and Burlington Stores Team up with Kelly Rowland to #KnockOutHeartDisease in Women

February 1 -- WPIX-TV 11 New York 
Kelly Rowland shares powerful #KnockOutHeartDisease message

February 1 - 
Kelly Rowland's Mission to #KnockOutHeartDisease

February 1 - KATC-TV ABC 3 Acadiana 
Free heart health screening for women this Friday in Lafayette

February 1 -- Pulsd 
Kelly Rowland's Healthy Living Tips

February 1 -- Cardiology Today 
Awareness of Women’s Heart Health has Increased, but More Research, Outreach Required

February 1 - Parade  
Kelly Rowland Wants You to #KnockOutHeartDisease

February 1 -- NYLON 
Kelly Rowland has a Message for Young Black Men and Women


January 2017

January 31 - CW6 San Diego 
Scripps Women's Heart Center opens in San Diego

January 31 - Burlington Style For Everyone 
Kelly Rowland Takes a Stand Against Heart Disease in Women

January 31 - NIFTY NYC  
Grammy Winner Kelly Rowland + Free Checkups to #KnockOutHeartDisease

January 17 -- Scripps 
Double Heart Attack Survivor Launches Women's Heart Support Group at Scripps Clinic Rancho Bernardo


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