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Ready in Red Frequently Asked Questions
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Overview of all campaigns  Q1 
Burlington Campaign  Q2 – Q5
Ordering Materials (volunteers only Q6 – Q7

Q8 – Q11

#29DaysofHeart   Q12 – Q13



1.     I am a new WomenHeart Champion and have not done this before. Where do I start?

There are many ways to get involved and it all starts by clicking here to sign up. Below is a brief summary of all the ways to get involved:


  • Burlington In-Store Heart Health Screenings will take place in 50 stores across the nation. Screenings will take place on two days (25 stores per day):
    • Tuesday, February 6 from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    • Tuesday, March 20 from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Give out Red Bags of Courage® and speak with customers while they get their free heart screening. Remember to invite your friends, families, and Support Network members. Please note: all participants should be prepared to arrive at 4:30 p.m. and stay until 8:30 p.m. to allow time for setup/breakdown.

  • Meet & Greets. Contact local Burlington stores starting on January 22 to meet the store manager and employees, share your story, and thank Burlington for helping raise awareness about women’s heart health.  If there are several Burlington Stores near you, visit as many as you can. Sign up at the link above. We will follow up with the store phone numbers as we approach January 22.
  • Secret Shoppers volunteer to make a purchase at a Burlington store anytime from February 1 - March 31 to determine if Burlington employees are asking for the donation at the register. 
  • WomenHeart@Work Challenge (W@W) – W@W is a workplace-based heart health outreach initiative to raise heart health awareness where so many Americans put their hearts every day—the workplace. This year, we are introducing a new 3-tiered challenge. We challenge you to participate in events during Heart Month in order to be recognized in one of the 3 tiers which include: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The winners will receive special prizes from National Office! 
  • #29DaysOfHeart - WomenHeart is celebrating Black History Month and Heart Month by raising awareness of the prevalence of heart disease among African American women. Each day from January 31 – February 28, keep an eye out on WomenHeart’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as we feature the accomplishments of an African American woman affected by heart disease, or a trailblazer in cardiology (male or female) and please like, share and forward all our posts.  


Reach out to your District Leader for direction on how to navigate through all of the activities and requests you’ll receive as a local WomenHeart Champion and heart health advocate in your community.



2.     When should we contact Burlington stores for Meet and Greets?

Burlington has requested that all WomenHeart Champions wait until January 22 before they begin contacting local stores to schedule Meet and Greets. Be sure to sign up by clicking here. National Office will send out an email announcements with additional information.

3.     What does participating in a heart health screening at Burlington Stores entail?

·       All necessary materials, including Red Bags of Courage® and exhibit display, will be at the store upon your arrival. Arrive early to set up the table and display. Make sure to put out all materials, including table tents and keychains.

·       Greet shoppers at the entrance, give out Red Bags of Courage® and encourage them to get their heart screened and to donate at the register.

·       Give a keychain to anyone who gets a heart health screening.

·       Take pictures of the exhibit display and signage.

·       Save the exhibit display box and return label included inside. Take the exhibit display home with you, so you can mail it back to our distribution center. If you are flying to a heart health screening, the store will ship it back for you and you do not need to take it with you.

·       If there are leftover Red Bags of Courage®, feel free to take home as many as you can for future events.


4.     Can my friends, family, or Support Network members participate in the Burlington campaign?

Yes, anyone can:

·       Go to a local Burlington store as a Secret Shopper (see description above and information below)

·       Post photos and use the hashtag #KnockOutHeartDisease on all of their social media platforms.


5.     What does being a Secret Shopper entail?

Anyone can be a Secret Shopper. If you’re a regular Burlington Store shopper or live near one, you can even visit the same store a few times over the course of the two-month Burlington campaign. A Secret Shopper is a WomenHeart ambassador who commits to go into a Burlington store to determine if Burlington employees are asking for the donation at the register. It’s simple:

Step 1. Visit a local Burlington store. If you don’t have items you planned to purchase in advance, simply purchase a $2 trinket.

Step 2. When purchasing your trinket at the register, wait to see if the employee asks if you want to support heart disease in women by making a donation.

·       If yes, you can reward the cashier with the small token you purchased and thank them for their support.


·       If not, reinforce the importance of the cause and encourage the employee to share information with his/her customers to raise awareness for the number one cause of death in women. You can still gift the cashier the trinket if you’d like.  


The Top Reasons to Ask are:

1. Women’s heart disease may impact you, your mothers, your sister, your wife, your friend; or your Burlington co-worker.

                  2. One in four women will die from heart disease.

3. 80% of heart disease is preventable – if you know the risks and take action.

6.     I am unable to locate where I can order Red Bags of Courage® for events I am planning. Where is it on the website and how many bags come in each box?

Approximately 40 Red Bags of Courage® come in each box. The maximum number of bags you can order per event is 200.  Please note: when ordering the maximum number of bags (200), you should be prepared to receive about four boxes which means 50/box will be packed. See Q7 for more information on expediting materials requests and/or getting approval to order more than the maximum.

All WomenHeart materials, including Red Bags of Courage® can be ordered by contacting our 24/7 call center at 1-800-676-6002 or online. If you’re submitting your materials request online, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign into your WomenHeart profile by visiting  and entering your username and password (if you do not have this information, please call 202-728-7199 for assistance).

Step 2: Scroll over the Resources section and select WomenHeart Forms.

Step 3: Once you select WomenHeart Forms, scroll down to the Material Request section and complete the Material Request Form.


7.     I was contacted last minute for an event. How do I expedite my order?

When placing your request for materials, please allow 2-3 weeks to receive orders. This allows our distribution center time to process your request and ensure all materials are received by the event date. Failure to provide 2-3 weeks for materials requests will result in delayed materials for your upcoming event. In order to avoid this, we ask that all materials are submitted within the set deadline.  If for any reason, your materials need to be expedited, please contact Please note: orders are expedited on a case by case basis and when your order is expedited, someone else’s order has to be pushed back.

8.     Does WomenHeart@Work already have a PowerPoint that covers heart disease prevention and management in both women and men? 

Yes, there is a WomenHeart@Work (W@W) PowerPoint presentation available for WomenHeart Champions to use. This should be used for every W@W presentation. This PowerPoint can be found under the WomenHeart@Work section of the ‘Resources for WomenHeart Champions’ tab of the website.

9.     How do I register my WomenHeart@Work (W@W) event?

Follow the steps below to register your event:

Step 1: Sign into your WomenHeart profile and enter your username and password.

Step 2: Once you have signed into your profile, please scroll over to the Resources Section and select Resources-WomenHeart Champions from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Then scroll down to the WomenHeart@Work Section and use the W@W Champion Event Registration to register your event.


10.     What materials should I use for WomenHeart@Work (W@W) events?

Please be sure to check out the WomenHeart@Work Section located in the Resources for WomenHeart Champions section and review the following material:

    WomenHeart@Work PowerPoint Presentation

    WomenHeart Handouts

o   Weight Management

o   Physical Activity Handout

o   Healthy Eating Handout

o   Stress Management Handout

    Stress Balls

    WomenHeart@Work Post-It’s


11.     How do I order WomenHeart@Work (W@W) materials?

In order to request WomenHeart@Work materials for your event, please use the Material Request Form to order Red Bags of Courage® and be sure to download and print the handouts listed in Q10. The Stress balls and WomenHeart@Work Post-it’s are automatically ordered by registering your WomenHeart@Work event on the website (view steps in Q9).

***In order to ensure you receive your stress balls and post-it’s, please be sure to register your event at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.

12.     Who can participate in the #29DaysOfHeart Black History campaign and how can they support it?

This campaign is purely supported through social media and anyone can support it – WomenHeart Champions, Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Council members, organizations, corporations, sororities/fraternities, family members, and friends! Here’s how:

    Individuals can support by connecting with WomenHeart on social media and sharing the daily images and posts with the hashtags #29DaysOfHeart and #KnockOutHeartDisease.

    Organizations can participate by contacting to get WomenHeart’s #29DaysOfHeart Social Media kit to share with their constituents.

    Participate in the Twitter Chat February 12 at 1:00 PM EST


13.     I know of the perfect organization who would love to participate in the #29DaysOfHeart campaign. Who do I contact and what do I tell them?

Contact about any connections you may have with interested organizations.



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