PATIENT-CENTERED. WomenHeart is committed to serving the needs of women with diagnosed heart disease.

EMPOWERMENT. WomenHeart believes that education, support, and training enable women to take charge of their heart health and advocate for other women.

EQUALITY. WomenHeart is dedicated to ensuring that women have equal access as men to accurate cardiac diagnostic testing and proper treatment.

INCLUSIVENESS. WomenHeart believes that diversity strengthens and enriches every aspect of our organization.

COLLABORATION. WomenHeart actively seeks meaningful and productive partnerships with other organizations to educate women about heart disease.

QUALITY. WomenHeart is committed to rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement of all aspects of our organization.

WomenHeart is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organization.  We confirm that you received no goods or services for your donation and that your gift is fully tax deductible.  Please retain this letter for your tax records.  Tax ID: 52-2148006


WomenHeart Society